Saturday, 19 August 2017

Red Pears

As more and more red pears were falling onto the gravel below them, we decided they were ready to harvest. Pears generally ripen from the inside out, so by the time they feel ready on the outside, they will be going over/off in the middle - who knew!

Herewith said windfall ones:

And below, the good ones that have gone into the fridge to delay ripening whilst we process/eat those above:
Not sure if this is Louise bonne du Jersey or a Williams. I planted one of each, but one has never flowered!


  1. I hope you didn't have to climb a ladder to collect the pears bearing in mind yesterday's post!
    How is your "back on gluten" diet going? I enjoyed several of the posts you did on gf eating and picked up lots of tips too. ( Not that I'm encouraging you to go back to gf. It's a tricky diet which excludes lots of wonderful food.) Sue

    1. No, all out fruit trees are trained and less than 7' tall. We still love gf baking but it is mainly bread we have gone back to. This weeks was rye and not too shabby at all.

  2. Had to look twice at your new header! Looks sort-of spooky.
    I'm looking forward to pears from the two trees here - another few weeks I think. 1 is a conference and the other a mystery - but your red ones look interesting

    1. They aren't too bad to eat but ripen very quickly.


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