Thursday, 10 August 2017

Such fun - not!

First of all, welcome to californiaclippin via Bloglovin.

I had thought last week that our washing machine was messing about a little. It would start to fill, then stop, start to turn then stop etc.

Today, I decided that the collar on one of my jackets was a little grubby. It normally gets washed on a wool cycle so in it went, along with a few towels and I set the machine to the wool cycle.

It started to fill, taking in the washing machine liquid then stopped. 10 minutes later it would try and fill again then stop. Some times it would turn its drum then stop.

Luckily the spin and drain were working so we emptied it of water and washing.

Having found a very useful video online about water inlet filters and problems, DB (who was in the middle of painting a door when all this happened), stopped at an appropriate time and came to investigate.

Everything was disconnected and the machine pulled out. Took a while to find how to get its top off. Filter looked fine but he pulled it out and checked anyway. Everything looked fine. He checked the electrics and solenoids - all fine. Undid the little water pipes that come from the water inlet into the drawer compartment - all fine.

Put it back together, he struggled to get it back under the worktop (and yes, we had tested it beforehand to make sure and it appeared to work).

Set it up on wool again and off it went before promptly stopping and messing about again.
It was spun and drained and emptied - again. The towels went in on my normal cycle to be rinsed and spun, that worked.

Put the jacket back in, tried again on wool cycle - nope. nada, nothing, zip!

So I rinsed and gently spun it and all that went okay. So, we decided it could be the wool cycle and as we rarely use it, it will have to stay 'broken'.

Until I need to use it again on its normal cycle, we shall wait and see.

Update: worked okay on my usual cycle but is now making a horrible noise when draining!


  1. Unfortunately it sounds like the beginning of the end for your washer, what a shame.

  2. Oh dear, that sounds as if it's on it's last legs. Hate it when washing machines go wrong.

  3. Do you have a filter at the front? Is the house kinked? Could be the beginning of the end.

    1. Filters clear and hose not kinked, part of the check when we pulled it out.

  4. My washing machine has twice had a hair grip stuck in the impeller, which helps drain the machine of water. This made it make a terrible noise on draining. My machine doesn't have a filter, but perhaps yours has had something slip through the filter that is causing the noise? To get to the impeller on my machine, I took off the back and I clipped one of the s shaped clips that hold the outfill hose secure. Then I had a look with a torch to see if there was anything there (and fished it out with my finger). Thought that was going to be the end of my machine too, but have had another year + out of it. (It's a 12 yr old hotpoint).

  5. How annoying. Fingers crossed it is just the wool cycle that has gone wrong and the machine will keep going for the foreseeable.

  6. I hope that you can get your washer fixed. It is one appliance (along with fridge and stove) that I hate having to replace.

    God bless.

  7. ooh dont get me started on washing machines i bought a cheap one from argos when my son was born, it lasted me 12 years - brilliant, i then replaced with a new one that lasted a year..ive had to recently buy another one fingers crossed for this one if it goes t*ts up i'll be hand washing with a mangle in the yard lol xx


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