Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Opening my sealed pot...

Yesterday saw us open our first Sealed Pot challenge. We were late starters, beginning somewhere around mid/late summer. We chose to only save £2 coins in it as we rarely get them in change. Anyhow, it contained a grand total of £126!

We also emptied another pot that contains 5p pieces and managed to bag up £5 from that as well.

No doubt with so many people in the country doing a similar thing (not just this challenge), no doubt the banks will be pleased to receive all these coins back.

The weather yesterday began cold and wet, then a blue sky appeared briefly before the sun took its hat off. Managed to get a line of clothes half day and again, they were finished off in the front room. DB is currently ironing them (he is the ironer in our household, knew the Forces were good training for something!). They will then have another night to air before being packed away.

I had previously mentioned we bought a half price joint of shoulder pork for £5.99 and roasted it to give us two dinners each. It did have a line of gristle running through it, so I hacked that out, whizzed the rest in the food processor with some softened onion, sage, salt and pepper to make some filling.

A small amount of pastry was made and I managed to get 6 pasties out of it.

We had two on their own for tea last night, another two will be had for tea tonight with some vegetables and gravy and the final two have gone in the freezer.

So, the £5.99 gave us a total of 5 meals each at 59.9p per portion for the meat side of things, not bad methinks.


  1. They look great. I have been growing sage this year and find it a really useful addition to recipes.

    Advent blessings x

  2. Congratulations on such a great sum of money, what do you plan on doing with it? I have got my pot ready for today and the 2013 challenge xxx

    1. Not sure yet although some will be spent on a meal treat on Friday lunch. Rest might go on presents.

  3. love the pasties, made them myself last weekend and have a couple of meals still left in the freezer.

    Well done on the sealed pot challenge.


  4. Thats a really good amount of money. I hope you are going to treat yourself to something nice.

  5. The pasties look really good, and great value for the meat side of your meals.Well done with your sealed pot - I haven't opened mine as I know there isn't much in it, so I'm going to let it run until next December.

  6. Scarlet and Anne - we have an idea what it might go towards but are also going to treat ourselves to a lunch on Friday providing I haven't had a filling done at the dentist - more expense!

  7. Oh yum, they look delicious!


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