Friday 15 November 2013

Final bit of turkey

Welcome to my two new followers via Bloglovin, Ozelia and Kate.

Goodness me, you would think this an Easter or Christmas blog post, all this talk of turkey!

Anyhow, what turkey was left was processed with some ham and a ladle or two of leftover soup to make some pastry filling.

The pastry was duly made using 12oz flour and 6oz of fat plus a good pinch of salt and some cold water. From it (and the filling) I managed to get 8 pasties:

These were open frozen without being cooked, then wrapped, put in a protective container and back into the freezer until required.

I rolled out the leftover pastry and managed to get 8 small jam tarts filled with home made rose-hip, apple and orange jampurelly!

In the end, with a few vegetables and pastry added, our single huge turkey leg gave us:
3 x turkey gravy, 3 x 2 bowls of turkey and vegetable soup, 3 enamel tins of potato topped turkey and vegetables in white sauce (8" x 6"), 1 smaller pot of sauce which we had with noodles, 8 pasties and with the little bit of leftover pastry (yes, I know, nothing turkey about it), we got 8 jam tarts.


  1. Wow, that was a mammoth selection of money saving meals DC, all of which sound delicious.
    Patricia x

  2. You have proved how important it is in the money saving stakes to be able to cook from scratch and to use every bit of the meat that is bought. My Mum actually made stock from her chicken carcass this week, and has really enjoyed the soup that she made from it. I don't remember her ever doing that before!

  3. Patricia - I just enjoy doing it. Now I have to remember to start using all the meals I have made over the past couple of weeks.
    Scarlet - Regardless of how you eat, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan - you are right in that cooking from scratch is cheaper except perhaps if you can buy ready meals for less than £1. Goodness knows what is in those though!


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