Wednesday 13 November 2013

Talking turkey...

We don't eat turkey for Christmas, New Year or any special holidays. Part of this is because we are not too keen on 'saving' it for special occasions but do like to eat it occasionally.

My last post detailed how I cooked a giant turkey leg and got firstly some beautiful, gelatinous stock for gravy, loads of meat and some base stock for soup.

I just added lots of vegetables and stock cube to get turkey and vegetable soup:
Then I made up a double portion of vegetables in a white sauce and put some into 3 enamel tins:
Once this was cold, some of the diced turkey meat was put on top:
Once stirred in, they were all topped with mashed potato and 2 of them frozen:
Final bit of turkey on my next post!


  1. You always make me feel hungry when I read your posts DC! This looks a lovely dish and will have to try it after Christmas. I only ever buy turkey at Christmas - don't know why but I do, just tradition I suppose. Mind you, back in the day when I was a child it was chicken for Christmas dinner and in our house that was seen as a 'luxury'.
    Patricia x

  2. The recipe normally uses chicken in a white vegetable sauce. I reckon most meats would work.

  3. Your pies are making my mouth water, a tasty white sauce makes a nice change to a gravy, this would be equally delicious in a pastry case.


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