Monday 16 December 2013


Love him or loathe him (and I love him), Andy Murray is The Sports Personality of 2013.

I normally don't watch this programme nowadays, as it tends to go on forever, but after finishing watching a film, we changed channels and caught him at the end of a speech. I thought he was maybe a runner up. Then they started announcing the winners in reverse order.

I waited with baited breath, 3rd place jockey A.P. McCoy, 2nd place rugby player Leigh Halfpenny, then finally, 1st place is awarded to Andy Murray! See here for his acceptance speech - Andy Murray
Apparently, of all the people who voted, 50% of them voted for him which is great.

He is coming out of his shell more and more and has a lovely personality with a bit of self deprecation thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, that's what I think, I'm sure some of you will disagree.


  1. I love him too... well done Andy.. very much deserved :o)

  2. I agree with you, I thought it was funny when he said he really was excited but his voice always sounds boring. Poor fella!

  3. A hoorah from me too! I think a lot of people are too quick to think that a sportsman should automatically be good at giving interviews, and then assume that they are sullen or miserable when they're not. My Mum was guilty of that where Andy Murray was concerned.


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