Wednesday 25 December 2013

Later that day...

Yesterday, DB surprised me with these:
As there was just the two of us for Christmas, we opened our presents mid morning, then had a nice cup of tea and a slice of Dundee cake! We have a limit that we spend on each other and others (or make) and also make lists. Usually not everything is bought from said lists and some go a little off piste, so there are always some surprises in the mix. Here they are before opening:

Here is what Santa (DB) bought me plus some from a few close friends:
A knitting bag, salt cellar, 3 x Ellie Dean books, an Il Divo DVD, a micro-plane, 2 pairs of bamboo knitting needles and a pair of ferocious looking needlework snips!

Mrs. T. (late of our little school), got me some hand wash and hand cream and E. a pedometer for when we are out on our walks. We limit ourselves to a small amount of money for these gifts. R. had made us some red onion marmalade.

My Christmas meal consisted of:
DB had:
We both finished off with orange and marsala trifle:
I have been looking for ages at these food photographs wondering what was missing - ah, the sweet and sour red cabbage! Ah well, it will keep.

We then drove to Old Hunstanton to check out the damage caused by the storm surge a short while ago. I'll post photographs another day of that! We will have something light for tea, then settle down to an evening of TV.

Hope you had a lovely day - lack of power and floods notwithstanding:(


  1. Had a lovely X-mas eve with family and a sumptuous buffet, then turkey and all that jazz for lunch today.
    Just three for lunch, so no hassle at all. Lovely food and a quiet afternoon in front of the TV. Just a perfect
    X-mas for us.

  2. Our Hidden Lives is a wonderful book, I really hope you enjoy reading it :) So glad to see you enjoyed such a lovely Christmas.


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