Tuesday 25 November 2014

Frugal Liquid Revisited...

You can find my link on how to make frugal laundry liquid here
I have brought it up to date regarding this extra step.

Always ready to sort out any tiny problems using home made laundry liquid, I decided yesterday to do something different towards the end in an effort to keep it as a liquid rather than a solid gel! Now you probably all do this but I have only just realised it is a step I really needed to do.

Why? Well, if you pour the liquid into your storage containers as soon as it is done (less than 5-10 minutes by the way from start to finish), it has a tendency to set in the bottle making it a little difficult to get out properly.

Here is the batch from yesterday, made and still in its finished liquid state:
After an hour or so it had set into a semi-firm gel:
So I got my electric hand blender, you could use an electric whisk or a decent sized hand whisk:
After a few minutes it had turned back into a liquid and it was decanted into my storage ex-milk cartons. I always leave a gap at the top for shaking to re-distribute the essential oils:
There was just a slight problem with this, the lavender was okay (20 drops of essential oil into each bottle as it was being poured in) but unfortunately, I picked up Tea Tree instead of Lemon-grass oil!

I have just checked it before posting this and it is now more of a liquid and easier to decant, glad I decided to do this.


  1. If my family weren't sensitive I would make some, but the only thing we can use is Persil non bio.

  2. I like to make this liquid myself, and it is sooo much cheaper than buying. You've reminded me that I need to make some myself. Thank you. Woo xx


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