Saturday 9 January 2016

Gluten Free Cream Cracker comparison

I have gotten rid of most of my non-gf food items to the food bank, along with tinned goods. Still have flour to deal with but as DS isn't eating like this, might freeze it to keep it in date.

DB and I both love cheese and crackers and gf crackers can be a bit of a disappointment, not only in taste and texture, but also size and usability!

Take this make of crackers for example:
Now wouldn't you be full of anticipation!

What about this version:
Here are their sizes for real:
The one on the right, made by Schar, is a normal cream cracker size, bit of a difference isn't there? It is a little fragile but if you are careful, can have soft things on it but doesn't work overwell with cheese on it. The top and left one are by Asda - very small, still fragile but a bit pasty on taste and it lingers.

We much prefer the one on the right but unfortunately, the supermarket had run out of it:(

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. I am thinking of making my own crackers - plain flour is used so could gluten free flour be used?

    1. I am no expert but I think you might need to use some zanthan gum if replacing regular plain flour with gf flour as it doesn't hold together so well. When I find a recipe and trial it, I shall put it on here.

  2. I have found that making your own is much better than shop bought. I second the use of xanthan gum and also really like the Doves Farm gluten free flour, they do plain and self-raising and it saves money because so far all the recipes I've tried have turned out.

  3. It is a shock to see the size of some GF things isn't it! xx

  4. I was just about to ask have you tried making your own.

    I used to make seeded crackers, but I can't remember the recipe except that there was no flour at all. Also Parmesan crackers are lovely, simply little circles of grated Parmesan cheese baked for five or so minutes and then left to cool while they set hard ... of course you have to like cheese!!

    The size difference in those crackers highlights the higher price you are expected to pay for GF things ... not good :-(

    1. I knew about the parmesan ones but will have to find a recipe for others.


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