Thursday 15 March 2018

Hopefully not again...

Video recorders in the early days, came in many shapes and types but the two most popular were Betamax and VHS. When we first wanted to get one, we read up on it, looked at all the evidence and everything seemed to point us to Betamax, so we chose one.

You can imagine our eventual annoyance when VHS reigned supreme! So, eventually, we changed over.

Before the government decided to get rid of analog tv reception, we used a Sky box to get FreeSky Sat TV. After the removal of our aerial and installation of a satelite dish, we enjoyed this way of watching and recording tv.

We had all the equipment necessary to watch and record tv, despite having a couple of failures with their box of tricks and other things starting to go awry. So it seemed natural, to change to the new digital FreeSat tv platform rather than Freeview tv when we all had to go digital, as we no longer had an aerial.

Our tv eventually needed changing so we chose one with an inbuilt Freesat tuner in it which enabled us to get rid of one box underneath it. Now tv's with inbuilt tuners are great things, as you don't need a separate box of tricks. However FreeSat tv's are SO much more expensive than Freeview tv's, almost double in some cases as yes, you've guessed it, FreeSat is not so popular.

We do have a separate recorder and can also catch up on anything we have missed online.

Unfortunately, Channel 4 got into a price dispute with FreeSat (who apparently wanted too much money), so we have now lost our Channel 4 HD which is most annoying. To add insult to injury, All 4 via the FreeSat tv will also soon no longer be available. Luckily we have other ways of getting it but it makes you annoyed when you have a HD tv to have to watch standard definition due to these kinds of disputes.

I sincerely hope this isn't going to happen with other channels because it would be very, very expensive to change to Freeview. The alternative would be to go back to Sky and their Freetv set up and pay extra charges to set it up.

Time will tell if we chose the wrong platform yet again...


  1. Is that why Freeview will be re-tuning in a few day's time, I wonder?
    J x

    1. Normally they retune to add new channels.


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