Friday 6 July 2018

So many goodbyes.....

Blimey, my reading list of favourite blogs, is diminishing dramatically. Good for them I say to myself, they’ve made the decision to finally say goodbye. Sad for me as I have found and then lost them. Such is life I suppose. In life, all kinds of problems get in the way and are often reflected here as posts get less and less and the sadness of feeling they have to post, rather than want to post, begins to overwhelm them.

Friends in life and blogland are a little like ships that pass in the night, they are not meant to be boarded. They need, on occasions, to be left in peace, to sail over the horizon. Could be for a holiday or simply to drop off the edge of the world into oblivion. I just hope they leave their blogs up for us to read in future. A bit like re-reading your favourite holiday postcard!

I post mainly for my family and if anyone else finds them useful and or interesting, then that is great. Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. I enjoy reading your blog so I hope you will continue. It's always a bit sad when people disappear without saying anything. Like you say, it's a bit like losing a friend.
    Mine is mainly as a record of things I've been up to and places I've been. If others enjoy it too then it's a bonus. X

  2. So sad to see people stopping, but things change I guess, perhaps there will be new blogs to find and enjoy.
    I'm going nowhere!

  3. Phew! When I read the title of your post I thought “oh no, not another one!” I’m pleased you are continuing as I enjoy reading your blog. Like you, my reading list is shrinking. I feel as though I’ve lost friends, strange as that may seem.

  4. It is so very sad to lose contact with people who you feel you have become friends with and know a bit. It's more sad when you get the feeling that they have been driven away because of unpleasantness.
    Like Sue, I'm going nowhere, but I am the poorer for their going. I'm so pleased you are staying around. xxx

  5. Crikey-that title caused me to panic. Thank goodness you are keeping on posting. I also enjoyed the blogs that have ceased. Thanks for sharing a little window of your life with us.

  6. I'm really glad that you are staying. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ruby develops and I love some of the recipes you've published and lots of your other posts too. Your comment about rereading old postcards is very apt.
    I'm delighted that Joy and Sue in Suffolk aren't thinking of going anywheretoo.

  7. I enjoy your blog and sad at some that disappear. I feel guilty that I read others blogs and don't post on my own very often. Hope you keep going.

  8. I hope you keep going as I'm enjoying your blog and your dog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I am very sad that some of my favorites have disappeared, but I am so thankful for those that stay.

    God bless.


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