Monday 30 July 2018


DS and DDiL arrived late evening on Friday to attend a wedding reception. Unfortunately, they got stuck in traffic so didn't arrive here until after 8pm rather than the predicted 6pm.

They unpacked, got changed and left us with their 3 grown dogs (our granddogs) and their puppy (our great granddog) the delightful Miss D. Here she is (on the right), sharing a bed with her sister Ruby (who is also our great granddog):
Ruby takes after her mum in being liver and white, short and stocky. I think Miss D. takes after her father as she is taller, black and white, long and slim. She also weighs 1lb more. Here they are outside. Her legs are about 3" longer than her sisters:
And the rest of the gang. Master L. using the mum of the puppies, Miss M as a cushion:
All of them. Front left Miss D, then Mr L, mama Miss M, Ruby in her crate and finally, Miss S:


  1. They're beautiful. Good job they're all well behaved.

  2. They are indeed beautiful, how wonderful for them all to be together.


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