Tuesday, 3 March 2020

How do I know

If I have Coronavirus or the flu? What are the similarities and the differences?

This U. S. article here, is useful in explaining these.
This next article here, tries to explain myths and facts currently circulating.

Should you panic and begin to stockpile, only you can decide. We try to keep emergency food for up to two weeks. That is now being increased to three, a little extra each week is how we are doing it.

We are not racing around clearing shelves like some seem to be doing. We will have an amount that we can get and leave things for others. At the end of the day, as Rhonda has said, its a win win situation, if we don’t need it now, we can eat it in the future. Now we are making food for Ruby, I am making it more often to freeze, just in case.

We still have our Brexit box ready for December so that too could be used.

We are washing our hands more every time we come back to the house from anywhere. We have plenty of soap, toilet rolls etc.

Who knows how this virus will pan out. At the moment, many more die from the flu each year. We have had our flu jabs so hope the concoction they decided on this year is the correct one.


  1. Very wise. A good point about washing hands, etc. I tend to keep stocks of food in anyway so am sure if I did have to self-isolate, I'd have enough for months, I careful!

    1. Whilst I don’t have a siege mentality I like to be prepared just in case.

  2. We have had reminders to keep 3 days worth of food for quite a long time now (maybe a decade? before that it was a week's worth of food and other supplies),recently before Christmas when there were long power failures, and again before every storm (and they have been quite frequent lately, haven't they?). So, officially giodelines is to keep at least three days supply just because - you might get cold, stomack bug, road blocks etc. And for three days, because during three days you'll be able to ask for help and do arrangements. BUT that's extra three days, because it's recommended you have two weeks supply of everything (in case there's major disaster like storm to block roads or flooding or something like that).
    It's estimated that about half of households can cope at least that three days without problems, and especially in the countryside households are prepared to cope for weeks, somethimes months! We are one ot those households... I think we can survive for three months, but menu will be a bit boring with beans and strawberries in the end.
    Yesterday I heard and add/message from national health institute which basically was how to correctly wash hands and what you are supposed to do if you have corona-like symptoms (call your healthcenter, don't go there). But i guess it's first time for everything, I have seen heads of nations to promote proper hand washing from meny different countries now!

    1. We live in a village with a small shop. Last time our village was cut off due to snow, that shop was empty in 3 days. It was another 4 days before help arrived. I have stocked up since that incident although we had done a weeks shop the day before thank goodness.

  3. I just don't know what to think. I personally started with a cough on 1st January which developed into a chest infection and it's only just getting a bit better, 2 months later - not had an unbroken night's sleep in 2 months due to coughing! Regrettably I didn't take up my free flu jab offer this year - I'm definitely having it this year though. I think I'm covering my ears a bit to the COVID-19 panic. I believe more people die from the flu.

    1. Certainly do, let’s hope this virus doesn’t exceed those numbers. Poor you, get well soon.

  4. My friends husband is busy stocking up on almost everything he can. I (and my friend) think he has entered panic mode.

    I will do a tiny stock up and order our prescriptions, but try not to go overboard with stocking.

    God bless.


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