Sunday 8 March 2020

Once a fortnight

I make Ruby her food:

One bowl is beef based, the other turkey, the main meat varies. Other ingredients are carrots, pea pods, sweet potato (in this lot of food anyway). Linseed and Chia seed, parsley, eggs, egg shells, chicken and duck carcass, green tripe, live yoghurt, liver, kidney and heart.

Once mixed (using rubber gloves) and portioned they look like this:
Each 360g serving is two meals (one day). This time around I got 17 meals so that's a bonus.

Cost wise, making my own recipes is no more than her using 17 bought tubes of meat and offal. However my recipe has far more things in it to meet all her nutritional needs.


  1. I really think that Ruby is wonderfully fed. She will be healthy for a very long time.

    God bless.

    1. We hope so. I do have to clean her teeth though with her bone being ground rather than whole.

  2. Love that you feed your fur baby all homemade. :) I do too! Research the ingesting of peas and heart conditions in dogs. Out of concern for my girls health, I decided to remove all pea products..including dried peas from their diet.
    Love catching up with you, have a very blessed day!

    1. Thanks. She rarely has peas but just wanted to give her a change.


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