Saturday, 3 April 2021


Well, the weather reports were not inaccurate regarding temperature and wind chill. It is quite cold again today although tomorrow the sun is supposed to come out and give us a relatively warm day (15C) if we are lucky.

Seeds planted a couple of weeks ago have resulted in a nice half row of radish seedlings, a 1/4 row of beetroot and as yet, no lettuce. Probably too cool for them even under cover. As they were all out of date seeds, we shall wait and see what we get.

Ruby scoffed her breakfast as normal but mid morning, I gave her a small spoonful of the treatment given yesterday, which again, she woofed down. However, come lunchtime, she stuck her tongue in her small bowl of lunch twice then walked away. She will go without until tea time and see how she goes. She seems to be drinking a lot at the moment. Gonna be one of those dogs I guess. 

DB brought our last leg of lamb in from the freezer and sawed 2/3rds of it off for tomorrow. The other bit was wrapped and placed back in the freezer for another day, soup or something else small - lamb pasties maybe?

Bed has been fully changed, washed, dried and put to one side for ironing. TV recorder has been set up for the week and we shall look forward to trying to catch a late evening tennis final in Miami featured Dan Evans and Neil Skupski, again the top dogs I believe.

Are you doing anything exciting this weekend or just chilling at home?


  1. It's been frosty overnight here, although lovely and warm in the sunshine during the day. That's all set to change this week, however. It's going to be chilly.
    I've been out walking and making the most of the good weather while I can. X

    1. I might cover blossom for the next couple of nights, where possible just in case. Looking forward to the sun today though.

  2. Glorious and sunny here in Dorset. Spent yesterday lunchtime working with a team from church providing an Easter Lunch to people on their own this weekend. Around 40 OAPs who wouldn't be able to be with family enjoyed a hot chicken dinner, fruit pie and cream - plus a card & Easter Egg. It was good to feel useful, and bring joy to these people. Not everyone is connected on the Internet and loneliness is a big concern. In 8 days time I'll be moving back to Norfolk... Retirement beckons!

  3. Ps Happy Easter to you and yours


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