Saturday, 24 July 2021


 After nearly 3 hours of frustration and stress, we could view Olympic tennis matches. According to the Eurosport Player web site, signing up gives you access to both it and Eurosport on Amazon. We are Amazon members so signed up via them, just one month for £6.99.

Nope, we could only access limited sport on the player but none of the premium tennis matches. In the end we went on the Eurosport web site, paid another monthly subscription and could finally access what we wanted. I have a feeling we made that mistake last time, must remember.

Eventually we settled to watch Andy and Joe play their doubles match. It was very good. Andy moved and served well. As it happens he has a tough first round singles draw unlike Djokovic (yet again), who had an easy draw against someone ranked 139. He is so jammy.

No storms here yet. It is quite windy and warm but not hot. I do hope we get rain though as the front garden is in need of it.


  1. I've searched all the BBC red button and iplayer and no mention of tennis at all - very odd - and annoying as I don't want to pay any extra

  2. Well done for sorting it all out. xx


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