Sunday 7 November 2021

I forgot that yesterday

 Was just 7 weeks until Christmas Day! Today we began to wrap presents already bought and it felt good to do so. Cards are finished, addressed and stamped but still lots to do yet. What though, at the moment, I don’t quite know.

We are busy slowly clearing the front garden. We had our hedge cut Friday and it looks so much better. I just hope we get to spend Christmas with family and nothing jeopardises it. Maybe that’s why I can’t quite get going re food. DS and family will be here all being well.


  1. I've made no plans or preparations at all yet, even though I know the weeks will gallop by. I think not buying presents has made me very laid back!

  2. I've done nothing other than eat some sweets out of my advent calendar ... I know I'm early but I got tempted!!

  3. I've been hanging back, waiting (hoping) to hear people's plans for the BIG day! Turns out I'm cooking this year for 10 plus 4 children. This wasn't the ideal plan and I'm dreading it, but I'm sure it'll be ok. I've not even bought one gift yet. I do like Christmas but find it a bit stressful.

  4. Yikes I really need to get moving.

    You are very well prepared for the upcoming season.

    God bless.


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