Saturday 19 February 2022

Cooking during Storm Eunice

 We made preparations yesterday in case of power cuts. The dinner we had thought of eating was replaced by a can of M & S chunky steak, instant potatoes and canned vegetables. We enjoyed it.

As it happened, we didn't have any power cuts, damage etc. Wind was quite bad, so we consider ourselves very lucky.


  1. I'm glad that everything was okay for you, and your meal still sounds tasty. We got off lightly too, just some roof tiles that will need replacing and lots of rubbish deposited around by roving wheelie bins.

  2. We escaped lightly too. No damage of note.

  3. So glad that you were okay.

    God bless.

  4. We didn't either and, yes, we were lucky. It was a bit scary at times though.


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