Friday 18 February 2022

Renewing at last...

 Our pair of baby scissors still worked but were getting blunt. Indeed, I had a thread hanging from my nightie and it wouldn't cut it. We bought a replacement yesterday, unfortunately had to buy a small set that included the scissors, a teeny pair of nail clippers and a nail file:

New scissors on the left, plastic handle versus old on the right, all metal:

Not bad for 35 years old!


  1. Oh I had those same little baby scissors when Simon was a baby. I don't know where they went but if they are still is use somewhere they would be over 41 years old now.

  2. You've definitely had your money's worth from those. It must be a fraction of a penny per use. Its a shame plastic is on the new ones, but that seems to be the norm for most things these days :(

  3. I still have mine with the metal handles. Used them for both my boys and recently used them again on one of my grandsons.


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