Monday 14 February 2022

New Cooker

Our cooker was 13 years old and whilst still working reasonable well, was about to undergo another expensive repair, its third. We bit the bullet and invested in a new one:

It is similar to the old one but has a feature we don't like (but knew about before we bought it. Instead of venting the oven out the back of the cooker it vents through the little black things on top of the back, one per oven:


The upshot of which is steaming pouring out (potential to scald) and going straight onto the tiles, where it condensates then runs down the back. It no doubt would make a mess behind the cooker. DB's temporary solution was this:

All well and good but if needing to, the back right of the cooker wouldn't be able to be used.

The chap in the shop said it was the biggest complaint about the new style and we would agree. We do however love Zanussi cookers so hope to find a bit better fix!


  1. Love the double oven!!! I think that the steam coming out of the top of the stove like that would be dangerous.

    God bless.

    1. I am surprised it passed the design team H & S!


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