Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New bread recipe

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My sister emailed the other day asking if I had a decent rye bread recipe. It isn't something I often bake and when I do, do so by jigging around a normal bread recipe. Off I went onto The Iowa Housewife site as I do trial quite a few of their recipes. I found this one here

I adapted it to this, the figures in brackets will be those I shall use another time to get two loaves:

540g Plain Flour - not bread flour (720g)
300g rye flour (400g)
1 tsp molasses (1 1/2 tsp)
60g butter (80g)
540ml water (720ml)
1 sachet of yeast - 7g (2 sachets 14g)
2 tsp salt (2 1/4 tsp)
1 tsp caraway seeds - ground (1 1/2 tsp)

First I melted the butter and molasses in half the water, then topped it up with cold to get the right temperature.

The rest of the dry ingredients were mixed together then the water mixture added. I found I need to use another 50ml - 70ml of water to bring it all together. After being kneaded it was put into a greased bowl and left to rise.

I could see afterwards that it was not as much dough as I normally use for two tins so I cut 3/4 of it and formed into a ball which went into one bread tin. The other bit was rolled into 4 balls. Both were left to rise again.

Once risen, the bread tin went into a 220C oven for 34 minutes. Once out, I turned it down to 200C and baked the rolls for 20 minutes. I forgot to dab the tops of it all with water to give them nice shiny tops!
As you can see, it looks absolutely nothing like theirs but does taste nice and the crumb is good. Considering I only used half the yeast, texture wise, it isn't any different to our normal bread. I normally reduce the yeast down as I don't like to use too much. However, as you can see from the adapted amounts in bold, I would use two sachets due to the amount of rye flour.


  1. It looks wonderful - well done DC!

  2. Just can`t beat home baked breads!

  3. I am going to try this one, I love rye bread but sometimes shop bought can be really heavy xxxx

  4. Thank you all, it is quite nice and light with just a hint of rye.


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