Thursday 10 September 2015


After helping DS and DDiL move house, we are finally back home and tired! I don't think we will be doing much for the next few days as we slowly stop aching. Luckily for me, I had a massage this afternoon which will help hopefully:)

We drove up on Saturday and although they had managed to do a lot of packing, they had just come back off holiday so there was still lots to do. Each day consisted of about 8 hours or so of sorting,  packing, followed by a 1 1/2 hour drive to their new home then another hour or so unloading. Next day repeated but also a 1 1/2 hour drive down to the old house.

We finally finished about 5:30 on the Tuesday evening, leaving the house clean from top to bottom, had the long drive back, unloaded, ate and went to bed. Unfortunately for them, they had work the next morning but at least now, their drive is now around 25 minutes rather than 1 hour 45 minutes!

A bonus to me at least is the presence of 2 - 3 apple trees in their garden, so I picked up loads of windfalls and came back with these little beauties - no idea what variety:
Luckily for us as well, our neighbour R. had lent us his sack trolley, without which we would have been a little stuck.

The dogs were a little worried as their home was dismantled. Their kennels couldn't be moved until Tuesday but once erected in the new place, they seemed to understand. Quite a few rooms are stuffed to the gunnel's with boxes and I think it will take them quite a time to sort through them.

Hopefully, anything they don't need can be repacked ready for another move!


  1. Nice Haul... look like Bramleys.
    Good you can help out the family.

  2. I thought they might be but two of the trees they fell from look slightly different.

  3. Lovely apples. My daughter and son in law have just moved. I think she was shocked how much stuff they had put up the loft. It practically filled their new house. The tip, hospice and ebay have all done well out of it!

    1. I'm sure a few more things will leave this house as they unpack!

  4. Our DS and DDiL may have a very big move on the cards in the near future. None of us are saying too much about it yet as we don't want to 'hex' it!
    It would be a wonderful opportunity for them , although it would be through DS's job, and DDiL has her career to think of too, so there's a lot to discuss before any decisions are made.
    The way DH and I see it, an opportunity such as this will probably never come again and it would be lifestyle changing, in a huge way!
    There is also a possibility that DH and I would be able to go with them, so that throws even more things out which need careful thought!
    It's all very exciting, but very, very scary at the same time!
    Glad your DS and DDiL are closer to their work, long commutes are killers!

    1. Sounds very intriguing, hope you all manage to make your decisions.


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