Wednesday 9 September 2015

Visiting Sheffield Archives

We caught a train from DS's and DDil's house up to Sheffield to do a few hours of family history research. Here are a few pictures of the scene when you emerge from the station. A lovely water feature and fountain:
Part of a giant knife blade water wall:

This is the other end of it and I believe it all lights up at night time:

We spent a few hours trawling through records, before stopping to have a pasty lunch at the station. Then we return for another couple of hours and returned back to their house brain dead and probably not much wiser in most things:(

It is very difficult when researching for the marriage of ancestors when their trade wasn't entered on the marriage certificate. On top of that, we were looking for a William marrying an Ann, had several ideas but due to the lack of occupation, are none the wiser:(


  1. I hope that you can figure out all your relations in the end! xx

    1. So do we but are stuck on quite a few in various generations and on both sides.


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