Monday, 14 September 2015

Plums & Gages

We were too late to obtain some Greengages to make DB's favourite jam but not to be outdone altogether, we looked for some pick your own places in North Norfolk. We found this one here and off we went.

£3 per punnet for a very generous kilogram of ready picked fruit (it was £2.80 for PYO), we bought 3 different kinds:
On the left is Victoria, in the middle Kirkes Blue and on the right Early Transparent!

We froze 1lb of each for use later in the year as jam or puddings. You can also see here, our 5 x 1lb bags of the windfall apples from DS and DDiL:

Some of the rest were cooked and eaten with ice cream:
or eaten fresh - they are very nice:)

It wasn't until we came home and I checked for them on-line to post about them here, that I found out they also do large Damsons. Maybe we can pop in if we are passing in the next couple of weeks.

We did however buy one of their jars of Greengage Jam, even if it is slightly runny!


  1. Hi Dc! Long time no comment! But I'm back. I love the autumn bounty, about to gather the last of the local blackberries - they seem late here this year compared to elsewhere. I think the extra 40 p is worth not having to pick the darned things to be honest! (though I have done my fair share of that in my younger years!)

    1. Oddly enough, I was thinking about you yesterday watching some Mollies perform in King's Lynn at The Heritage Open Day. Wasps flitting around the for sale fruit had a strong decision on not going down the pyo front!


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