Thursday 4 May 2017

As per usual ...

For this year it would seem, we have a potentially nice day but with a biting cold wind - again!

This week, our walk was a constant battle into a head wind that penetrated our clothing slightly, despite having good walking gear on. We were dressed more for winter than spring. I am still wearing a winter jumper, and often hat and gloves when out walking each day.

It isn't really surprising that the vegetables are not at all happy. It looks like May, but feels more like March. The only difference is when the wind drops and the sun is actually out, that it feels quite warm.

The flowers in the front gravel garden are starting to appear. The columbine is ready to burst, the veronica is out and the little iris are just opening - a good sign, even if they are not that visible in the photograph below:
Soup for lunch again, and for the forseeable future methinks!


  1. I am back in the winter togs too! Some things are growing but as you say veg is struggling.

    1. Yet when the cold wind drops, it is lovely.

  2. Scarlet, you may well need them as well!


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