Tuesday 30 May 2017


Normally, October and November is the time for our huge house spider season, or carpet runners as we call them.

However, at the moment, we seem to have a lot of more normal spiders traipsing around. There are the small, dark,  fast running spiders with short legs, hard to catch with a glass and even harder to keep in it whilst putting them outside. We think of them as the spider equivalent to greyhounds!

Then there are the half sized carpet runners, which at the moment seem to be zooming around each room. So far we have put out about 6 of them.

Finally there are the bigs ones that creep into the sinks and baths. I threw the remains of tea down the sink the other day and one ran out from underneath the bottom of the sink crockery protector. Sinks being on the whole curved, made it difficult to catch it but we did in the end. It obviously didn't appreciate its early morning tea shower.

Then there are the black and white jumping spiders, tidy but very versatile, loads of them. As of yet, the 'bean' spiders (the ones that seem to live on and in French and Runner beans) haven't made it inside but a few have over-wintered inside and have now been put outside.

Any one else got an influx?


  1. My boat seems to be full of spiders and their webs

  2. No, thankfully! and I don't want any either, I have a real phobia about them. Another reason why I'm happy OH is retiring tomorrow - they always seem to appear when he's at work, it's as if they know! Did have one medium size one the other evening....thankfully Betty saw it at the same time as I did and she ate it!

  3. Loving the description 'greyhound'. I have two daddy long legs type spiders that live I the corners of my lounge I have caught them numerous times and put them outside but they seem to return they're probably slim enough to limbo under the double glazing!

  4. This post has given me the shivers! Spiders are my absolute fear (along with flying). It's an irrational thing with spiders but they send me into a right old panic!! My hubby read this weekend in the paper that one as big as a hand had been seen on a wall somewhere (Kent I think).

  5. Strangely yes we have but we did wonder if this was due to our move and the house been empty for awhile.

  6. I found a small spider hanging in front of our big window yesterday. I don't know where on earth it came from.

    God bless.

  7. I am happy to have spiders and cobwebs, they catch the flies and mozzies. That's my excuse for not dusting and I'm sticking to it! Xx


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