Tuesday 9 May 2017

Still blooming cold

In this part of the world! Freezing and high speed wind, low temperatures, little sun, no rain to speak of:) Must have been nice to be on the west part of our island just to feel and see the sun.

Tonight there is likely to be a frost here so everything is either lightly fleece wrapped, or more heavily wrapped, like the tomatoes.

So dry is the soil that nearly two water butts have been used to keep things alive. Judging by the weather alarm report on tv this morning, it may well be a drought year. We shall have to find the old pond pump, which we use for pumping the water from the bath, to the outside, into large containers to use around the garden for if/when the butts run dry.

Still eating soups for lunch and hot meals for tea. Weather is forecast to get a little better after Wednesday night, when hopefully, I can begin to keep the mini greenhouse open all night and acclimatise the tomatoes to outdoor conditions.

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  1. So we choose a very dry year to get a water meter and the water pump we had at the smallholding was sold!! Typical!

    1. At least you are trying to do the right thing regarding the meter!

  2. Looks like you might get a few showers on Friday, that is if the forecast is to be believed.


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