Tuesday 23 May 2017


Welcome to Yours Frugally via Bloglovin. My thoughts are with Manchester and its people today following the exlosion there last night. Other than that I am not going to comment except to say, you won't win, you will never break us or the rest of the world, Karma is waiting for you and paradise is not!


  1. You're right. They won't win. We must stand together and not turn on each other. KL is exhausted and still shaken this morning. It was too close to home, and only last week we walked together along those streets that are now cordoned off as we went to and from Victoria and around the city. She didn't worry about terrorism before, despite living and working in the city centre. I think , for now, that has changed, but we are all heartened by the warmth and generosity of the ordinary people who pulled together last night. Manchester is a wonderful city.

  2. We will remain strong because that's what we do.


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