Thursday 11 May 2017

That's better!

At long last, we have sunny weather. We sat outside on the patio yesterday afternoon and it got so hot we had to put the blind out to give us some shade!

I am having to keep topping up my front garden pond so the birds can drink safely from the edge rather than risking drowning in the middle of it.

More and more flowers are opening and it is starting to look very pretty.

In the back garden, the blueberries are in blossom and the birds are on their second lot of eggs in the bird box.

I have put on more more Year VII war diary. Hope you enjoy it. Not much more to go now.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some rain!!!


  1. Two Fine days and I had workmen doing the lane and drive with loud radio and then driving to visit Colin in hospital. Now they've finished no doubt it will rain - though we need it

  2. Hope you get the rain you need!

  3. HI Dc! I'm just about back, hadn't even realised I hadn't blogged since January! My gravel garden is coming on a treat, and your lovely Welsh Poppies are blooming away again I am delighted to tell you. Well, you got the rain, didn't you! It's been lovely today (Sunday) but it has been so variable… hopefully that means a good summer (I made that up, who knows what summer will be!)

  4. The sun comes and then is disappears again! Looking forward to it warming up xxx


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