Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Having had a small Christmas meal...

We needed something a little more vegetable based, so did a quick mini shop (£5.50) this morning, for some fruit and salad ingredients which I hadn't bought beforehand.

I don't know what is worse, battling your way through a crowded supermarket or in this case, an almost empty one but with zombie like humans, drifting in front of you, exactly where you need to be!

We didn't have to queue at the till, but it too, was inhabited by a zombiefied young man, who was struggling to stay awake. Apparently he had finished a shift at midnight (shelf filling?) to be on the till this morning.

The leftover beef (about 4" worth), has been ground ready for pie making in the future, some gravy has been made and will be frozen for said pie. Leftover stock from the beef will be made into soup for the next couple of days.

After a smoothie for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch and a beef sandwich and small pudding for tea, that will be me done for today.

Back to 'normal' eating tomorrow!


  1. We have a family member who works in retail. He has been working nights for a week, prepping stuff in the store, had yesterday off and was back in work this morning. It's like he is jet lagged as he was awake until 5 this morning, and all for minimum wage! KL is working today too, but we did manage to have a nice day together yesterday.

    1. This is the first time shopping on Boxing Day, didn’t feel right somehow. Lidl is closed today which I am happy about. I wish shops would shut up for 2 days to give their staff a break. I would have bought salad stuff beforehand or gladly gone without, until tomorrow.

  2. When I first started working shifts as a Civil servant you could have a quick turnaround. Finish at 22:30 back at 06:00. But in 2008 I believe the 11 hour law was introduced. You have to have a minimum of 11 hours between shifts. It was to protect people especially those who commute and their journey is in excess of 40minutes.

    1. Interesting! I’m assuming he meant the night before as he was mumbling.


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