Sunday 28 October 2018

Just for a change...

We forgot to buy Christmas cards in the sales last year, ah well.

At least I am now beginning to get my head in gear. Presents for our walking buddies have been wrapped, plus a few family ones. There is no way I will be able to produce enough hand made ones in time this year, maybe I can decorate something instead.

Jams and marmalade will be made, both as gifts and for us for the coming seasons. We have loads of fruit in the freezers and need to make room for Christmas baking. Having thought we would be on our own this year, I couldn’t get into festive mode. However, barring any changes, we should now have visitors, which will be great.


  1. Yesterday I bought the things I need for revamping the rocking chair, so I plan to make a start on that this week. That's the biggest job as far as Christmas goes. Today I earned £7.50 of nectar points in Sainsbury's swipe and win weekend( I split my shopping into 2 lots and paid for them separately to earn more). I will use that to buy meat products for KL as she gets Xmas Day and Boxing Day off so will be with us.
    So glad you will have your visitors with you this year xx

    1. So are we, hope nothing changes! Good luck with your painting.

  2. So glad that you will have company over the Christmas season.

    I am trying very hard to get all my homemade gifts completed.

    God bless.

  3. Thrilled you will have visitors over the Christmas period. I didn't buy any cards in the sales either I actually don't know why. I will make them along with the tags.


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