Monday 22 October 2018

Through the round window...

Upon opening the lounge (aka front room) curtains after a cool night, we noticed the outside of the new windows were misty - normal now due to them being filled with argon gas. There was a nice circle of clear glass:
How pretty is that!

Now that the council garden bin has been emptied, we can at last start clearing the front garden, getting it ready for winter.


  1. I agree, how pretty, good when we can find good things in simple.

  2. We get that too. I have a window cleaners blade that I use as some days is takes ages to evaporate.

  3. How neat! It's like your own little ship's portal. Little bits of beauty everywhere. :)

  4. That's odd. Mine are alwys misty in the middle and clear round the outside!

  5. So lovely to see a little beauty in simple things.

  6. Wow, so very pretty. Like your garden is in a frame.

    God bless.

  7. Thanks everyone, certainly made us smile.


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