Wednesday 24 October 2018

Vegetable beds almost ready for winter

I bought some dwarf wallflowers, daisies and polyanthus to help maintain the vegetable plots over winter. The tubs in the middle of each bed are their individual compost bins.

Herewith bed 1 - full of flowers as nothings else is in there:
Bed 2 has a rhubarb crown transplanted into each corner, 3 parsley and 3 daisies:
Bed 3 is the strawberry plot with only 2 plants for now:
Bed 4 - full of flowering plants:
The fruit cage still has some fruit bushes to be put into it but the French marigolds are blooming well:


  1. You have put me to shame, the bad weather has arrived here so it will be Spring now before we get into the garden again.

  2. All our flowers are gone now. Everything has been harvested and the gardens are asleep. So looking forward to the adventures in gardening next spring.

    God bless.


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