Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Dangerous Debris...

First of all Happy New Year to all my readers!

The dangerous debris I am referring to are the remnants of fireworks from the celebrations last night.

We stayed up until 12:45 until we were sure the fireworks had all finished. There were a large number of really big bangs.

Ruby went out for her pre-bed ablutions, and came back in, carrying the white plastic ring. DB removed it and also came in with the stick from the driveway.

This morning, before letting her out, we checked the gravel and found two bits of cardboard tubing and large thick shards of shiny and very sharp, purple plastic. Presumably these were the outer casings of said large fireworks.

As we went around our part of the village, more shards, in blue and green could be seen, littering both the paths and roads:
Neither of us remember seeings these sort of shards before. Maybe we have become more vigilent with having Ruby.


  1. Its the plastic everything isn't it. Once fireworks were incased in paper and card. Will we ever learn that plastic is a menace.
    I get so angry with this subject. Until the manufacturers change the packaging what can we minions do about it? not a lot.
    sorry for the rant but Ruby could have swallowed one of those bits.

    1. It would be nice to have the choice to buy things not made from nor wrapped in plastic.

  2. When my dog was a puppy and we let him out in the garden and firework stick hit him on his head. Gave him a life time fear of bangs.

  3. Maybe you have but it's awful that all that stuff litters and creates hazards for the creatures in that area. At least you noticed it and can take care for Ruby.

  4. Plastic will be the death of us for sure.


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