Wednesday 30 January 2019

Pilchard Paws...

Raw fed dogs have to have fish to give them essential vitamins and minerals. As Ruby isn't eating mackerel at the moment, I bought two large cans of pilchards in tomato sauce. Now, there seems to be some debate about dogs and tomatoes, as tomatoes contain something, which if eaten in excess, can be detrimental to dogs.

Bearing that in mind, one can had its sauce rinsed off completely, the other can had a bit poured away. They were both then mushed up with a fork and put into paw print silicon moulds.

Wrapped in clingfilm to prevent them stinking out my freezer, they spent the night in there. Once removed they looked like this:
15 little paws, one per day once or twice a week, with other raw fish, should do her, even though they are cooked. The cost, £2.20 so about 13p each, not too bad at all.

We also bought her some reduced salmon fillets for having once a week, along with some reduced haddock. Both of those she will have raw.


  1. Heidi has a raw stinky breath! x

    1. A bit smelly after fish or tripe but it soon goes.

  2. Replies
    1. She has eaten pilchards now, so far so good. She had a small piece of salmon today so no more fish for a week.

  3. We had a dog who would wander the garden picking of the dried skins of tomatoes off of the plants. Eating them with much pleasure.

  4. The Grandchildren at our old house were often caught feeding Mickey tomatoes from the garden. The paws look amazing, such a great mould.


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