Thursday, 8 December 2022


Our granddaughter has finally been christened, thanks to many Covid delays and restrictions. It was a small private ceremony. The church was lovely and warm, about 18 family members attended and it was grand. The 'stand in' vicar was excellent.

Down south family had prepared a lovely spread in the church rooms next door, which were also lovely and warm, as it was a freezing day.

Granddaughter still fitted the dress I had made, but she also had a long sleeved pink tee shirt on underneath, as well as the lovely cardigan knitted by her other Gran.

We couldn't travel down on our first day as Ruby woke up with the squits. She was not happy and all her bedding needed to be washed and dried.

Our holiday cottage was very posh to say the least. Under floor central heating kept us awake first thing in bed. Once it shut off, around 1am, it was okay although I found the bed way too hard for me.

We didn't have time to do any sight seeing and the travel down and back was okay but tiring.


  1. Despite all the difficulties along the way, it is good that if finally happened [and the dress fitted!] and it must have been lovely to be 'family all together' for once, and to give thanks for this new family member. But lovely to be back in your own bed again now!

  2. Congratulations to your family.

  3. I am so glad the dress still fit, and that the christening went well. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

    God bless.

    1. I have a lovely deep memory foam mattress topper so that helps:)

  4. Thank goodness the dress still fitted, it sounds like it was worth travelling, although I bet being back in your own bed afterwards was bliss.


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