Saturday 27 May 2023

Cool nights -still

 My tomatoes are huge and really need to go in the ground. Unfortunately we are still have too cool temperatures at night. They really prefer 10C at night and most nights we are 7C or below.

I will need to get them in, in the next day or so, and fleece them overnight. The temperature though, is still forecast for only 7 or 8C, for at least the next two weeks:(


  1. We are having a bit cooler weather than high 80 degree F last week. It is into the 40s at night. My daughter has two tomato plants that are starting to bloom and have small tomatoes soon. I have yet to get the strawberries into the garden area I was hoping to do this year. Not sure when it will be done as I need to be careful when outdoors with allergies and a few other issues. Have a good week and stay warm with fleece! x Becky

  2. I've got mine out in their big pots now. I know it's a bit cold at night but they seem to be doing OK really.

  3. It was so windy last evening, it took both of us to put the fleece on!

  4. We have had ours in for awhile now and some nights still fall to that temperature. We find that gradually hardening them off helps immensely. Hubby would leave them out one night, bring them in the next and that continued for about 2 weeks.

    God bless.

  5. We were going away at the weekend, so I had to be brave and get the tomatoes outside and used to the cooler temperatures over the course of the two weeks before. I don't know how this will have knocked them back, but when we got home yesterday at least they were still alive!!

    My younger son and his partner who were housesitting do not have a single green finger or thumb between them, so it was a case of just doing the best I could. I'm finding that everything is growing a lot slower this year for some reason, have you noticed this?


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