Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A bit of this and that - and my 600th post!

First of all, congratulations to our son who has been promoted to senior technical designer. Well done darling, you work so hard and it is thoroughly deserved.

Hooray for me as well. Yesterday I was finally allowed to be detached from my cardiac event monitor after 3 weeks. I think I probably pushed the button 25 times or so - could have been a lot more but as the odd sensations repeat themselves, wasn't sure whether to keep pushing or not! Guess I just have to wait now for my next appointment. Can't tell you how nice it was to be able to relax in the bath not attached. Also my badly cut finger is now 3/4 healed and I can bathe without it stinging.

After a few months break, DB has decided he would like to start baking again. This time he chose a frangipane and prune tart. The base pastry is very sweet and mixed with egg to bind. Sieved home made gooseberry and elderflower jam sat on top of the base. The frangipane filling was next, followed by the prunes. This is what it looked like (and tasted lovely):
We shared one quarter and froze the other three. It is the only way to ensure we don't scoff it all. Personally I would be fine with normal pastry plus it would be less calorific. Using the left over bits, some jam tarts and cheese squares were made. Unfortunately, I forgot that the pastry would need less time and less heat than normal. Not all our baking goes to plan (as you can see!) and this was one of those moments:
Sweet cheese pastry is not to be recommended but like I say - still got eaten though. Although the tarts appear burnt beyond redemption, they are just this side of edible so we have eaten them. Nothing gets wasted in this house if at all possible. Some custard was used to finish them off. That will be it for sweet things for the week.

I was also baking some bread and as we had some soup to eat for lunch, two flat breads were baked in the oven:
I have just realised this is my 600th post - where does the time go!


  1. Congratulations - firstly to your son and secondly on your 600th post. My that is some going. I struggle sometimes to write one a week and often wonder how people manage to write more. I always enjoy your posts DC and look forward to reading more. DB's frangipane tart looks gorgeous, one of my favourites although I've not tried it with prunes I must admit. x

    1. Thank you. It said 600th but now it says 599th so am not sure what is going on. Glad you enjoy reading, I enjoy writing - most of the time...

  2. Well done to DS on his promotion, and to you on your 600th( 599th?) post. Another of Blogger's foibles I expect! Yes, where does the time go? I remember your very first one. DB's frangipane tart looks delish.

  3. Still saying 599th but who knows. I remember you being my first commentator. How nice to have known you since then:)

  4. Congratulations to your son on his promotion. DBs Frangipane Tart looks gorgeous, very rich but moreish! Congratulations on your 600th post, its been a pleasure to read them. X

  5. It is very moreish which is why the rest is in the freezer. Glad you enjoy reading.


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