Friday 3 January 2014

Not a lot happening...

My blog posting dates seem to have gone a bit off kilter so my last post has been published again, sorry about the confusion.We don't do New Year resolutions as such but think about what we would like to do or achieve regularly.

I have now had my Echo Cardiogram and 24 hour Electro Cardiogram and was awaiting for another appointment. Instead I got a letter to say I needed to wear a 3 week Cardio Event Recording gadget, which I began wearing on New Year's Eve. Not a lot happening with it at present.

I chose to be attached to it for this period as sometimes I get very little warning of an 'event' and being attached, means when I push its button, it records what it has monitored for 45 seconds beforehand, plus 15 seconds live time recording. It has been pushed just twice so far, once in error when I nearly dropped it, caught it and accidentally pushed the record button, and once for 'flip flops', which usually indicate arrhythmia happening. I tried to download the data 5 times the other day, all unsuccessful and had to phone up for advice. They said to bring it in when I needed to if it keeps happening and they will download it for me.

DS and FDiL are still here (until tomorrow) then they will go and we can get our decorations down and have a sort out. We are having a lovely time playing lots of games (both old fashioned and electronic) and today they are off to look at the doggy parents of their 3rd puppy which is expected to be born around the 18th January. They are hoping to be lucky enough to be offered a boy dog (their other two are female and you never know whether the right amount of sexes will be born). It will be a fox red Labrador.

We have had a great time getting down and dirty walking with the dogs, running on the beach etc. Boy have we all been wet, muddy and cold on occasions.

Other than that, we are both well. DB has gone back on his diuretic for now until he can see his own doctor on the 6th.


  1. Not much happening in my household either. I`ve had a slight cold all over Christmas that now has turned
    into an ear infection, so didn`t sleep much last night due to ear ache. Seen the doctor and was told it would clear by itself. So, not much help from the medical profession. I`m battling it with paracetamol, but will ring the doctors again if I don`t get any improvement by Monday. As I couldn`t sleep much I got up early and tackled the Christmas deccies. All`s packed up and ready to be put back into the loft now.

  2. No much happening here either. KL is here for another week yet.We took all the decs down on the 29th and had a good clean up. Glad to hear you are both well. Wow, another grand-dog for you!

  3. Lovely to have dogs in your life - we had one for 14 years but life got too complex after Sam departed and we never got round to having one . I do sometimes think it would be lovely to walk along the beach, or round Sandringham with a dog at our side, but think we have left it too late now.
    Hope you both continue stable and no shocks ahead in the near future! Happy New Year. Our decorations and tree came down this morning. I feel ready for the New Year now!

  4. That must be a bit of a pain, having to wear a gadget for 3 weeks, but if it sorts things out its worth it.
    Hope all goes well for you

  5. Dogs having fun on a beach-nothing better!

    Sft x


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