Tuesday 15 December 2015

Nigella's Buckwheat Triple Chocolate Cookies

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I watched the hour long Nigella Christmas special last night and found two recipes that I quite liked and have bookmarked for future use.

The first was for triple chocolate buckwheat cookies. As the only flour in them is buckwheat, this recipe is ideal for gluten free baking. You can find the recipe here

The other thing she 'cooked', was a potato and pepper base - using a jar of cool bell peppers in oil as the dressing for potatoes, see here.

Nowadays, I find it quite rare to watch any cookery programme and feel the need to make any of the dishes, but both of these caught my attention, so I think I shall have a go sometime, at them both.


  1. Wont make the cookies mainly because I would eat the lot, gluten free or not but the pepper potatoes are definitely going on the list.....most things I cook these days have to be very easy or at least with a fairly quick prep time.....just got N s book from the library !

    1. I think the potato and pepper dish will get made for Christmas somewhere along the line.

  2. Yes I really liked the look of the potato dish and also the slaw, both of which would be suitable for my GF vegan daughter which is a great help. I have made many Nigella meals over the years and they have all been straightforward and worked well.

  3. The pickled carrot is delicious - I made a trial jar over the weekend.


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