Thursday, 28 February 2019

Another checkup.....

We were at the vets today for a post op check with Ruby. Pain free and doing well. We have to use the cream until Sunday then stop, it is very slow to heal. After that, we can swap to a skin balm to carry on if necessary. He advised us to find a way to cover her inner thigh more, especially at night, to stop her licking it.

Called in at the shops to buy her some children’s shorts that have a knee length leg. I cut out the back of them to accommodate her tail and pull them high enough up. She will wear them under her body vest at night. Hopefully they will work!

On top of that, she is producing a little milk in her rear teats. So we have to watch out for that getting heavier or her teats going hard to indicate mastitis:(

If so, she will need more medication to stop it, something her ovaries would have done.

Onwards, upwards and occasionally sidewards we go.


  1. Sorry Ruby's having ongoing problems :( Seems we got off very lightly with Betty...although she does have her ongoing ear infections. She's not had it for 2 or 3 months now though, thankfully. I'm sure the mongrel family dogs we had years ago, when both husband and I were children, didn't have problems like dogs seem to have nowadays. All to do with the way they've been bred, I guess.

    1. Must admit I wasn’t expecting these problems but we shall get her sorted out.

    2. Yes I agree about the good health of the Heinz 57's! In my childhood we had a cross-breed who lived to 17. The next 2 kc reg labs lived to 10 (cancer) and 12 (pancreatitis and epilepsy).

    3. I hope Ruby gets well soon. I hope she keeps her shorts on!

    4. Did they actually get all this veterinary attention back then? I don’t remember flea or worm treatment but maybe I just didn’t see it happen.

  2. Poor Ruby... she sure has gone through a lot. I hope her healing speeds up soon.

  3. Hoping for speedy healing for Ruby.


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