Sunday 14 April 2019

Shopping around....

We always try to shop around for the best utility deals where we can, such as electricity and oil. We went on a water meter years ago and it continues to save us around £350 per annum.

Last year, we chose the best but cheapest lifetime dog insurance deal we could for Ruby, from MoreThan. It came to £317.76. This year they put it up to £402.76, an increase of £85.00. We hadn't made a single claim and we have had Ruby spayed - no difference it seems.

I wasn't happy with that so went onto a price comparison site Bought by Many, put in all her details and was given 6 choices depending on what we wanted to have. We chose a mid range lifetime deal which almost matches last years perfectly. Guess what, it came to £256.42, a saving of £146.34 - that is a huge saving.

Welcome to Ramona MS and Lisa Jenkins via Bloglovin.


  1. Good luck with Ruby's insurance and good job saving on your water bill. Our water is included here in monthly costs but I still try to be careful about it. I wish it were a metered cost.

    1. Metered when possible makes a huge difference.


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