Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Driving home yesterday.....

Was hard work for DB who kindly did it all, 5 hours worth. I was as much use as a chocolate teapot, being so tired. I managed to stay awake to keep him company. We did take a tea break, then a longer dinner break. Ruby was reluctant to get out of her warm crate to toilet, but we got her out anyway.

The weather was atrocious to say the least. Absolutely pouring down. It didn’t matter that roadworks restricted us to 50 mph as it was too dangerous to travel faster. We stopped at a shop to buy a few food items to keep us going until shopping day.

Congratulations to Andy Murray for winning his first proper ATP match against Tennys Sandgren, who beat him last time around at Winston Salem. Couldn’t watch it but followed it live online. He was pooped! They wanted him to sign tennis balls the second he sat down, but he waved them away until he had gotten his breath back. One game took 25 minutes!


  1. Its always nice to be home and in your own bed.

  2. The weather has taken a turn for the worse which means less walking at the moment. It's not pleasant driving in the downpours we've been having.

  3. While I love going away, coming home to my own bed is just perfect.

    God bless.


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