Friday 6 September 2019

I was asked....

By Catherine, what magazine the idea came from for one of my Christmas cards. I'm afraid I don't know, but bought it late August. These are the stamps that were inside:
I rarely buy magazines and when I do, only those that I really want or like. I found this one rather disappointing, only liking the card idea that I created and keeping that bit, the rest was thrown away!

If anyone can help Catherine, I'm sure she would be pleased.


  1. I think I may have seen that stamp sheet when I was looking at craft mags a couple of days ago....can't remember which one it was though, there were at least 8 different mags in the shop. I did buy one, for the first time ever, mainly for the ideas in it, being a new crafter. I certainly won't be buying them regularly though, far too expensive.

  2. Oooh sorry for the late comment but I've only just seen this post! I feel so special! Thank you ever so much for asking your readers to identify the magazine. I think I may have a go at making my own card from scratch using yours as inspiration... Time to start my Christams crafts! x Catherine


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