Saturday 21 September 2019

Walking and lifting

YesterdayI chose a 3 mile walk for us. I didn’t read what it entailed. Pooped was how we felt afterwards. It involved deceptively flat parts followed by steep climbs and steeply sloped returns. Ruby enjoyed herself but as she never stopped running, she must have covered 8 or more miles.

Today we have shifted a load of hardwood logs. I loaded them gradually into a wheelie bin, then wheeled them around to DB. We both had to lift the bin to roll them out for him to stack. Rinse and repeat 15 - 20 times before the job was done. Then swept up everywhere. Phew!

Another load can wait for another day!


  1. You have my sympathy after doing a 5Km parkwalk today which is just over three miles. Well done.

    1. My body doesn’t always keep up with my mind when I think about doing things.

  2. Well done on your walk and and log lifting! A nice soak in the bath for your aching muscles?

  3. Nice exercise, Well done. Perhaps you'll enjoy a nap or soaking those muscles?


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