Wednesday 5 February 2020

A squished in Ruby

Thanks for all your comments yesterday regarding DGD.

When we are in the kitchen Ruby likes to lie either under the dining room table or under the computer desk:
There is a large soft rug just in front of the window which she occasionally nests in but this is her favourite place. That is except for when we are near her feed times, and our cooking times, in which case, she lies just outside the kitchen door.


  1. She looks very cosy and comfortable in her space.

  2. They do pick their own favourite spots don't they. During the day our Mavis is usually found stretched out along the top of the sofa back, and rather weirdly Ginger the cat is curled up every day in front of the log burner … even though it isn't lit!

    1. She sometimes lies in front of the lit wood burner with her head almost touching it.

  3. Sweet girl! She's a lucky dog.


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