Thursday 27 February 2020


I never thought I had that much perseverance in me! I am on my second cardigan for granddaughter and before I finished the right front, it had been pulled down 6 times:(

The air was blue for a while whilst it was sorted out and amended. At least I am getting better at pulling down and picking up entire rows of knitting. As DB is always saying, ‘there’s no such things as mistakes, only lessons learnt’.

Ah well, both sleeves and one front done so far. Onwards and upwards.


  1. I am not a knitter but when DD was expected, I did knit a matinee jacket but it turned out so huge it wouldn't have fit her until she was about 5 then would look silly. So well done.

  2. well done you. There isn't a knitter (including me) who hasn't pulled out rows of knitting. Your husband's comment is correct.

    1. Although I am following a pattern, I am using a different set of stitches, to make it different from the first one. I was annoyed as I repeated the same mistake over and over.

  3. Well done, it will all be worth it hen your little one is wearing the finished garment.


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