Sunday 9 February 2020

Keeping warm in this miserable weather!

DB had just brought in the still hot duvet cover from the tumble dryer and stuck his head inside to warm himself up. "Here" he said, "give it a whirl", so I did:
We woke up this morning to Rubys tea from last night, all over her bed again. In herself she seems a lot better. If I feed her a liquidized bland diet of rice or rice and chicken, it seems to stay down. Last night her tea was eaten whole, which is how it came back up!

Today, she has had two small meals of a rice smoothie only. Tonight she will have rice and a little boiled salmon whole and see how she fares.

It hasn't stopped her wanted to stand outside in the high winds we are experiencing at the moment:


  1. Poor old Ruby. You too, having to clear it all up.

    1. DB scoops most up I just spray and rub! Certainly her bedding is getting well washed.

  2. Poor Ruby, my fox red lab was ill 2 weeks ago,also 5 other dogs we know. Some had to have medication to stop them being sick. Boiled rice is definitely the way to go, hope she recovers soon. Not slept properly for 20 years so may give the nut thing a go. It's the high winds keeping us awake at the moment.

  3. Poor thing hope she recovers quickly.


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