Monday 24 February 2020


I can’t knit anywhere near as quickly or proficiently as the other Grandma so won’t even try. Instead I focused on knitting something simple to begin with, in garter stitch. The garment below took me about 10 days, a world record for me:
It can be knitted in 5 different sizes and the second version will be the same pattern as such but I will use both garter and stocking stitch, to give it a different look (and colour). Also I will make the sleeves a little bigger where they join the body as it felt a little tight although I think that is to do with me casting off (binding off) a little too tightly.

When DS was little, newborn in fact, I knitted one item designed to fit a 6 month old and that was it! MiL was a super duper knitter and supplied him with everything he needed and then some.

Don’t forget it’s pancake day tomorrow! Nom nom.


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