Monday 27 June 2022

Fermentation fail:(

 One week has passed since I began the fermentation of some peppers. I checked today and one didn't seem right. I opened it and found blue green mould on the top so into the bin it went.

Whilst I don't like to waste food, I knew some would be wasted as I get to grips with this process and I certainly don't want to poison myself in the process.

One seemed okay but time will tell. I tried a piece from that jar and it tastes salty but not overly so, so am not sure it has gone well either.

Oh well, onwards and upwards. I think I have fathomed out what went wrong so I shall try something else, maybe carrot or onion.

I planted all my cosmos yesterday after giving them a couple of weeks in pots. They were very weedy looking when bought.

My 3 tomato transplants are slowly growing so they too can be planted in another week or two.


  1. What a shame, at least it's not discouraged you. Sometimes the best way to find out how to do things the right way is to get it slightly wrong at first. Onwards and upwards.

    1. I think I overfilled the jar or they didn’t ferment.

  2. I love your experimenting and of course there is going to be failures, but I certainly know you will get the hang of fermentation very soon.

    God bless.

  3. That's a shame but I guess we learn more from our mistakes than we do for always getting it right. Good luck with the next go. xx

  4. Sorry about the peppers. Just to report that the kefir you sent is doing fine, thanks again!


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